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Welcome to VIP Accounting!

Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

As you know, maintaining accurate accounting records is paramount to the success of any business irrespective of the size. Importantly, it is a legal requirement too. Moreover, proper accounting is vital for controlling and running your business effectively, and is imperative when managing your cash flow as well as when analysing the profit and overall worth of your business. The good news is that VIP Accounting can easily take care of all your small business accounting needs.

Accountancy Services - Our Backlog Service

If your books are (how shall we put it) 'in a bit of a mess', and perhaps even causing you some sleepless nights, we also offer a unique 'Backlog Service' to put everything into its proper order again.

Accountancy Services - Save Money

Keeping up to date with all your financial obligations can be a daunting task and is an extremely time consuming process. And we all know that time means money. That's why it's such a benefit to have a professional accountancy advice team on your side. With VIP Accounting, you will save a huge amount of time, allowing you to manage your core business to its optimum. You will save on the cost of in-house bookkeepers. And with our competitive charges, you will save a great deal of money on your business' ongoing accountancy fees too.

Save money with VIP accounting Ltd!

Accountancy Services - Peace of Mind

Best of all, your business account records will be fully up to date, so you will sleep well at night, knowing your accounts are in good order so you avoid any HMRC penalties.

Accountancy Services - Secure Access 24/7

At VIP Accounting we offer a secure online portal. This allows you fully secure and protected access to your accounts documentation at any time.

A Personal and Professional VIP Accounting Service!

At VIP Accounting, we offer a professional, fast, accurate and concise accounting solution. Our fees are fixed with no hidden extras. All accounting services undertaken on your behalf are kept up-to-date and published to our secure portal. This means that your business accounting information is always accessible for you. With everything available to you 24/7/365, VIP Accounting offers every client a personal and professional accountancy service.

Yes... ours is truly the VIP treatment!

Get in Touch!

We are always delighted to answer any questions about VIP Accounting services. So why not chat to us or leave us a message now. Alternatively, you can either email or call us on 07588 553818 to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Customer Comments

"VIP Accountants are very professional and very knowledgeable regarding my business. I don't see them as my accountant, they treat me as a friend, and they give me advice regarding my tax matters like you talk to your friend and seeking solution. I'm very happy with the service and recommend them to everyone. Very accommodating, keeps us on the right track with our accounts and efficient on ensuring tax deadlines are met. I would recommend VIP Accountants "Above all this, prices are very good with no hidden or unexpected charges at the end of a month" I wish I had moved over years ago would have saved a fortune"
Caroline Ivory, Simply Ivory, Fareham, Hampshire

"I'm just finalising my first year of accounts with VIP and the process has been really simple and seamless not to mention very reasonable. I love that I can call VIP for advice anytime and not be hit with high charges for the call unlike with my previous accountants, I’ve found it worth joining VIP just for that. I've recommended VIP to several small businesses like myself purely for the ease, responsiveness, help and guidance. I've always had my questions answered clearly and quickly and have not had any problems"
Robbie Mukherjee, Rocami Ltd, Warwick

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steven Penney for nearly 15 years and in that time have dealt with Steven as a business Director and Financial Controller. Steven’s approach to business is both diligent and extremely professional, always considering his client’s needs while ensuring they are advised of their requirements and obligations at all times. A willingness to work with other professionals allows Steven to develop an approach to business that considers activity and requirements that may influence or impact on critical business operations. This in turn enables Steven to use his knowledge and experience to a greater capacity in business and financial management duties. Working with Steven and this wider approach to financial management not only makes the task of overall Risk Management easier to manage but also projects a more proactive approach from his clients, which in turn has enabled my business to secure better arrangements for common clients. Steven acts with the utmost honesty and integrity and is a secure recommendation to any of my clients and a recommendation I make freely"
Ian Madeley, Director, Gauntlet Risk Management, Rochdale

"Steven has been my accountant for over a year. He helped me start my business from scratch, and now we work together remotely. Steven handles my payroll, and returns brilliantly, and is always on hand for advice if I ever run into problems. His rates are excellent and the incentive scheme is a great idea. I couldn't recommend him highly enough".
Amy Fitzpatrick, Fareham, Hampshire

"I have used VIP Accounting in many capacities with regard to my business. Steven's extensive knowledge has helped me tremendously in ensuring I make right decisions. He is quick, accurate and thorough, and exceptionally good value for money. It's a breath of fresh air that when he says there are no hidden charges. There are not - unlike with many other accountancy firms".
Tony Esterbrook, Westcliffe On Sea, Essex

"I have know Steven for several years. He helped me set up my business on the Sage platform and now we work hand in hand remotely. I have been amazed how well the online system works. His costs are extremely good with no hidden extras at all. I regularly recommend him and would continue to do so".
Gary Thompson, IQGB Ltd, Chorley, Lancashire


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